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Although not many people observe about the origin of the game of poker, but from the name it is clear that this Texas Holdem Poker game originates from Texas, United States. Poker was born in the early 1900s at the time.

Initially this poker game began to spread throughout Texas, then Holdem Poker began to spread to Las Vegas around 1967 by several Texas gamblers who came to Las Vegas. At that time Texas gamblers were still introducing poker under the name Hold'em.

In its first years, poker in Las Vegas was only played in middle-lower class casinos. For this reason, poker was very difficult to develop at that time. Then in 1969, a pro poker player from Las Vegas looked for a place to play that was prominent enough to try to get top-class clients and introduce the game in a casino that was quite prestigious in Las Vegas. Finally, poker became famous at that time and gave rise to a poker tournament known as the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Since then, the game of poker began to be discussed by the media and entered into some casino and television news and several books were also written for guidance in playing poker. Until now Texas Holdem Poker has become a popular game for card gamblers all over the world.


Beginning Online Poker Starts Developing
The development of increasingly advanced technology makes it easy for people to be able to access everything in their hands. Cheap and fast internet is also very easy to find and it becomes a separate opportunity for several developers. The 2003-2004 range began to be developed by Texas Holdem Poker with an online version which at that time was booming and played a lot because of its simplicity.

The existence of the internet at that time also encouraged market interest to be able to play poker online, because this poker game is considered very entertaining and can eliminate the saturation for the players. At first the Indonesian people did not understand this poker game and considered it to be a very new game, but over time this game became very popular in Indonesia and until now there are many players who are active in playing this game every day.

The velocity of money in this online poker game is fairly high. According to Bandar Poker Terpercaya estimates, every day transactions made in this online poker game reach hundreds of millions and continue to grow every day until now. Many ways are done by poker agents to get players, such as by giving large promotions to the players so they are tempted to play with these agents.


Maybe everyone has heard the name poker qq but in reality there are still many people who don't know it and never know how to play poker. As a game, poker games are popular activities that are played using playing cards as a medium for playing them.

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7 Terms in Poker Games
Well, next, in this article we will discuss some popular and important terms that are usually used in poker games. It is important for you to know this term because knowing this term means that you increase your chances of winning.

Bettor is a term used to refer to poker players themselves. There are several terms used for this, some people call it not infrequently also use the term bettor.
Used when a player indicates that he will continue to participate in the game when the previous player raises the bet. If your opponent increases the stakes and you still believe in the card you have, maybe you want to make a call.

Raise means to increase the number of bets played. You have the opportunity to increase the value of the bet in each round. You can do this because you believe in the cards you have or just want to scare other players when you get a card that is not too good.

When the player before you does not increase the value of the bet and Daftar Judi Poker Uang Asli  you will only go with the value of the bet, then use this term. If all players check then the next round will start immediately and the dealer will issue the next card in the community card.

Fold it
You are not sure about the card being played or the bet being played too high for you, you should choose to fold. Fold is when you decide not to continue playing or leave the game. Of course your previous bet money that you cannot take is alias forfeited.

Hole Card
A number of cards are dealt to you at the beginning of online and offline poker games. In the game Texas Hold'em hole cards dealt totaling 2 cards while for Omaha reaching 4 cards.

Community Card
The card opened by the dealer in the middle of the table. Named the community card because this card can be used by all players who join the poker table. Unlike a hole card, a community card consists of 5 cards and is dealt face up or open so that all players can see the card.

That's the 7 terms that are important for you to know. These terms are often used by poker players in the game so it would be better if you could remember these terms before starting the game.